Save essential time with our
revolutionary automation features.

Simple Automation

Get started automating and save time immediately


  • Reach multiple contacts simultaneously by sending automatic email and SMS templates that you have complete control over
  • Manage quality improvement through the automation of post-course surveys
  • Create set automation schedules for recurring tasks and improve efficiency
  • Enhance your CRM capabilities by creating workflow tasks to reach your prospects and clients

Complex Automation

Create multi-step workflows that suit your specific business


  • Refine workflow automation by adding particular conditions (business rules) to automation tasks
  • Maximise productivity by creating and setting numerous workflows at once
  • Have the flexibility of completing workflows in a step-by-step process or by using conditional-step logic
  • Turbocharge your business productivity with the power of workflow automation

Report-output Task Automation

Create a range of custom reports to save and use in workflows


  • Setup automated tasks to run any saved report on a scheduled basis (e.g. once a month) and send the output to relevant users such as managers, trainers, or compliance staff.
  • Choose a saved report to trigger action(s) based on the report output: For example, create a workflow to run a saved custom report once a week of students who enrolled in the Certificate IV in Business without a verified USI. Automatically email all of these students requesting they provide their USI.
  • Get aXcelerate to run your AVETMISS validation report automatically once a week and send you a copy – straight to your inbox.
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