The fitness bug that has enveloped Australia and the rest of the world shows no sign of abating. Consumers are constantly hearing about the latest way to exercise, with trends like HIIT training (High-Intensity Interval training), Strength Conditioning and Complex Training circulating the web, magazines and many gyms. As a result, the Health and Fitness Industry is booming.

According to, there are currently 407 Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that offer training and certification courses in fitness and exercise. This number doesn’t even include all of the fitness training providers associated with an RTO. Those wanting to turn their passion for exercise into a career are now spoiled for choice. The challenge now lies in choosing the right training provider; the provider that is best suited to fast track your career within such a competitive industry.

International Fitness Institute (IFI) is aware of the competitiveness within the industry and understands student’s desire to hit the ground running as soon as possible. Through IFI, students may now “earn while they learn” through significant on-the-job training, meaning they acquire the necessary experience prior to finishing their Certificate IV in Fitness (the typical pathway into the industry). Consequently, students are able to claim a large proportion of their course fees as a tax deduction, because they are working in the industry whilst completing the accredited parts of the IFI program. 


The IFI program offers a highly flexible learning model that includes online components as well as one-on-one mentorships to students on a weekly basis. IFI’s ability to combine flexible, theoretical content with hands-on experience has helped see the company grow in significantly in enrolments. This growth has caused a need for an effective student management system so that IFI can maintain better contact with their growing student base and centralise all of their data. 

IFI have called on aXcelerate to assist in this. IFI will also rely on aXcelerate to minimise the time spent on administration tasks, to improve their communication with both students and trainers, and ensure IFI are meeting reporting requirements. 

Looking to the future

As IFI look to the future, they aim to engage in stronger training delivery partnerships with fitness industry employers. Critically, IFI seeks to incentivise its graduates to maintain a professional standard by periodically returning to IFI for professional development throughout their careers as personal trainers. Retention of graduates is a core goal of IFI.

aXcelerate are excited to assist in IFI achieving this goal by using our CRM tools to create greater transparency and reduced complexity in storing, categorising and communicating with students.

IFI is one of our many fitness based clients that deliver the Certificate IV in Fitness. aXcelerate would like to take this opportunity to congratulate IFI and all of our fitness clients on the innovative work they are doing within the industry.

Currently IFI offer two key programs: Fitness Coach and Elite PT which both offer strength and conditioning certification. To find out more visit their website here.

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