Online Assessments

10 compelling reasons to switch


  • Create course-related and standalone assessments
  • Select from a range of assessment modes including observation checklist, online quizzes, short answer, marking criteria or RPL evidence
  • Create custom assessment modes to suit your specific assessment context
  • Choose your grading method from numerical scoring, custom grading scales, percentages and customisable marking rubrics
  • Add assessment criteria/items combined with evidence upload function


  • Download qualification training components directly from including units, elements, performance criteria, foundation skills, performance evidence, knowledge evidence and assessment conditions
  • Drag and drop your assessment questions and items to related training components, or vice versa, to create mapping relationships
  • Get direct visual feedback about mapping relationships including the number of components mapped to each assessment criterion/question


  • Create multiple custom assessment plans for each course/qualification depending on the context of each class group: e.g. work-based, blended learning, RPL only, etc.
  • Set up clustered assessment tasks and/or items mapped to training components from multiple units
  • Create default schedules for key assessment dates including when assessment summary information is available for students to view, assessment access date, due date, and results release date
  • Select and modify default assessment plans (if required) when creating class groups
  • Simplify your student course enrolment process through automatic assessment dates translation based on each student’s unique enrolment, commencement, unit start and end, and completion dates – including rolling enrolments!


  • Increase your trainer/assessor’s productivity significantly with the most comprehensive mobile app for VET practitioners
  • Enable your trainers to quickly view what’s on today and drill into each event to get further course details
  • Trainers can check course notes, get map directions to their course delivery location and see a list of all their students and their status
  • Efficiently capture attendance data through ultra-quick marking and recording functions
  • Available for both Android and iOS mobile devices creating even more flexibility and cost savings for your RTO!


  • Assessors can view assessment instructions, conduct and mark assessments, write notes about assessment outcomes, provide students with feedback and apply their electronic signature to authenticate the assessment
  • Assessors can also capture photo and video evidence and upload against specific assessment criteria
  • Where desired, enable your trainers/assessors to result competencies saving even more time
  • Key functions including calendar, courses, students/contacts, tasks, notes and, of course, assessments are all available offline as well as online


  • Provide students with course, units, sessions, eLearning and assessments through aXcelerate’s Learner Portal
  • Enable students to easily view each assessment overview prior to access and to commence their assessments based on your pre-defined assessment plan
  • Gather assessment evidence from students through quizzes, assignments, RPL text entry and file uploads
  • Provide assessors with an easy to use dashboard widget in the Trainer Portal web app to manage all their student’s assessment submissions and marking


  • Author and deliver competency-based assessments that conform to the principles of assessment and rules of evidence
  • Demonstrate effective mapping of assessment tasks and items with unit of competency training components to reduce audit risk
  • Built to comply with Australian and international frameworks and standards including:
    • RTO Standards 2015
    • Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
    • training package conventions
    • IMS Global Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) v2.1
    • Competency And Skills System (
    • SCORM/Experience API compliant (
    • ISO/DIS 21001 Management Systems for Educational Organisations (draft)


  • Save time through your online assessment system being totally integrated with all other related training management functions
  • Increase efficiency with a single student enrolment process covering course, units, scheduled face-to-face sessions, eLearning modules and assessments
  • Save time and money by setting up and managing all your course delivery activities in just one system


  • Achieve even greater productivity gains by turbo-charging your business processes with aXcelerate’s powerful workflow automation system
  • Program custom workflow automations to trigger notifications via emails/SMSs to students and assessors based on your specific business rules/criteria
  • Create pre-defined schedules to automatically run assessment-related reports for delivery to key system user’s inboxes


  • Leverage aXcelerate’s highly flexible reporting engine to produce assessment status data in a variety of formats
  • Display assessment-related custom charts and graphs in your dashboard to support management decision making
  • Track class student assessment progress with our unique matrix view
  • Drill down from the matrix to get more granular assessment information for each student

NOTE: The Online Assessments feature is only available with aXcelerate Turbo

It’s time to go fully online with your assessments.
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