Streamline your student management.

Student management just got easier. With aXcelerate’s integration with financial systems, users can take their pick of the most popular accounting systems, making the experience of managing student finances and accounting much more convenient. Finance and accounting management systems are much more streamlined than their traditional counterparts, permitting their users more time and effort to be spent in other areas of their business. So what’s the result when an innovative cloud-based management system like aXcelerate is compliant with popular finance and accounting systems? A faster and smarter operating RTO. With aXcelerate’s financial export compliancy, users can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Transparency with your business’s financial state
  • Real time updates with cloud-based finance systems
  • Ability to select either exported or not-exported transactions
  • Ability to see transactions grouped by day with totals
  • Ability to select/deselect specific transactions to be exported
  • Avoid errors such as double entry
  • Exportation of files such as invoices, payment transactions and refund transactions
  • Share data with fellow staff

aXcelerate Compatibility


Now with the integration of the  Xero Accounting Software, aXcelerate users can experience the first hand benefits of online accounting and eliminate unnecessary accounting hassles. With Xero’s cloud based capabilities, users enjoy the primary cloud benefits such as real time updates and security of data. aXcelerate is an official Xero Partner.


MYOB are heavyweights in the accounting systems industry, and are Australia’s largest provider in business management solutions. aXcelerate users can integrate MYOB’s legacy type data with their student financial management to enjoy a more complete solution for their RTO. With over 50+ products and services offered which range from desktop software to cloud-based systems, MYOB will be sure to have a solution to fulfill your business’s needs. aXcelerate currently supports MYOB Exo, MYOB Premier (desktop), and MYOB AccountRight Online (MYOB Essentials is not supported)


QuickBooks is another cloud-based financial management software.  Users of aXcelerate and cloud-based financial management softwares such as QuickBooks and Xero enjoy the benefits of the cloud for both their student and financial management.

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