Construction Skills Training Centre (CSTC) is an independent not-for profit registered training organisation that strives to be recognised as a learning centre of excellence for vocational education and training. CSTC specialises in providing short courses, pre-vocation, traineeships, high risk licenses and higher level qualifications in construction, which it has delivered for the last 21 years.

CSTC and aXcelerate

CSTC is one of our oldest construction based clients, having established themselves in 1994. Since then, CSTC have seen 100,000 students walk through their doors. They use aXcelerate as an end-to-end training management system; allowing all of their scheduling needs, student details and results to be placed in one easy-to-access location.

The needs of these students vary, from school leavers wanting to gain the necessary skills to work in construction, to existing construction workers needing to refresh and update their knowledge. CSTC’s most popular courses are their short courses, for example their first aid courses and working with asbestos courses. These short courses aim to enhance the student’s skill set and to acquire new skills which are a requirement of their current job. These courses provide both theoretical and practical components and use an array of resources such as online presentations, Youtube clips, powerpoint presentations and hard copy manuals to ensure they cater to all learning needs and are engaging for the students.

Furthermore these courses ensure that CSTC are not only improving the skills base of their students, but also helping to improve the skill base of the construction industry, which has positive ramifications for Australia’s future development and infrastructure.

Looking to the future

Construction Skills Training Centre is one of our many construction clients that help enhance the skills and knowledge within the Australian construction industry. aXcelerate would like to take this opportunity to congratulate CSTC and all of our construction training companies on the positive work they do for the community. We wish them the greatest success for the future.

CSTC have a number of training branches. To find out more, visit their main website: or their associated website:




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