SqID Integration



Capture payments in your SMS

aXcelerate has powerful functionality that makes receiving payments a breeze. When setting up your website, you can tap directly into aXcelerate’s API to link your payment gateway to the aXcelerate system. This means that learners can book themselves onto a course and pay for it online, and an invoice and record of the transaction will be created and linked to the learner’s profile in the system. This process is fully automated – with no administration work required on your end.

aXcelerate now has full integration with SqID Payments, bringing the two popular systems together to work for you.


What is SqID?

SqID is an Australian Payment Service Provider (PSP) that provides merchant services and state-of-the-art transaction authentication. Its features include:

  • Merchant services for Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Fund settlement to any Australian bank account you nominate.
  • Ability to auto-send receipts via SMS or email.
  • Easy, one-step setup process.

Find out more about SqID now by clicking here.

How to Connect

For businesses already using aXcelerate, setting up your connection to SqID couldn’t be easier. Simply register for a merchant account with SqID, and once you have your account details enter them into the aXcelerate system. For new clients to aXcelerate, enquire via +61 (07) 3215 8888, or email at hello@axcelerate.com.au, or fill out our website’s contact form by clicking here.