Students who book online on your website are now instantly registered and recognised as a contact on aXcelerate. They are also enrolled on the course or workshop they have chosen within aXcelerate’s system. The integration allows your website to communicate with aXcelerate, hassle-free, creating a smoother experience for the student and streamlining the workflow for your staff.

aXcelerate recognises user enquiries and stores them within the system. When an enquiry is made, a follow-up task is automatically created within aXcelerate with the option of automatically alerting your sales and marketing department, helping you to get a timely response back to the enquirer. Users of aXcelerate have the ability to view exactly who enquires and therefore can customise promotional and marketing activities to them in the future. Our integration will help you acquire students in a smarter manner.

Those with an already established website can still enjoy the website integration aXcelerate has to offer. Our team will build a page for your existing website that covers booking and enquiring functions. Alternatively, the API is available for your team’s own developers to configure your website in a way that matches your marketing goals with aXcelerate’s system.

For companies who have not yet made a website, why not launch your website with aXcelerate? From IA-planning through to development and design, the team at aXcelerate can design your website from scratch – fully customised to best suit your business needs and marketing strategy.

For enquiries about aXcelerate’s Website Integration click here or email: